Under Tile Heating Mat

Mesh Mat Plus Underfloor Heating 200W/m²

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SKU: PEMMP-1.0m²

200W/m² heating mat with a sticky underside. Primarily used in colder rooms (conservatory or outdoor-building). A cost-effective heating solution which is designed for use under tiles, vinyl, Karndean & Amtico. Lifetime warranty.

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Purely Electrique Mesh Mats provide an efficient and effective electric underfloor heating system that works especially well with tiles, vinyl, Amtico, Karndean, but can be used with most other types floor finishes (installation methods vary, please call for advice). With its use under many types of flooring and lifetime warranty – The Mesh Mat is an ideal solution for your heating requirements.

The ultra-thin heating cable is held in place on a glass fibre mesh, with an adhesive underside, this underlay then binds the mats to your floor to ensure an easy and swift application. This fully adhesive sticky underside not only speeds up the installation process but ensures the heating mat lays flatter which in turn reduces the amount of self-levelling required – Making the Mesh Mat electric underfloor heating mat a highly cost-effective heating solution.

The Mesh Mat is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.0m² to 12.0m² and can be connected in parallel together to fit larger areas. It is recommended that you aim to heat 85% of the floor area and use our 6mm/10mm XPS insulation boards which are specifically designed to reduce heat loss to achieve a primary heat source. These electric underfloor heating mats are available in 150W/m² and 200W/m². The 150W/m² heating mats can provide a primary heat source in well insulated areas such as rooms within the house. The 200W/m² heating mats are generally used in rooms that have a high heat loss such as garden rooms or conservatories.

Key Benefits:

·         Lifetime Warranty

·         Ultra-Thin Cable

·         Provides Primary Heat Source

·         Adhesive Underside

·         Earth Shielded

·         CE Certified


Manufacturer Purely Electrique
Model Mesh Mat Plus
Condition New
Range Heating Mat
Mesh Mat Plus In m² Mesh Mat Plus 1.0m² 200w
Output 200W/m²
Heating Type Primary heating for most rooms
Protection Earth shielded
Heating Cable Twin conductor
Cable Thickness 3.0mm
Operating Voltage 230V 50Hz
Cold Lead Length 3m
Warranty Lifetime