Touchscreen Thermostats

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PE01 Digital Touchscreen Thermostat (16A)

Functional 7 day program with 6 temperature settings per day. A low-cost, yet effective, way to control your heating. Includes a floor sensor and a built-in air sensor.
  • £40.95 +VAT
  • RRP £58.50

PE02 Digital Touchscreen Thermostat (16A)

Designed for easy use and practicality with a modern aesthetic. 7 day program with 4 temperature settings per day. Includes a floor sensor and a built-in air sensor.
  • £52.49 +VAT
  • RRP £74.99

Heatmiser NeoStat-e V2 Thermostat (16A)

Designed for easy use and convenient control over your heating. When paired to a NeoHub, (sold separately) you can control your electric floor heating from anywhere!
  • £54.75 +VAT
  • RRP £91.46

Heatmiser Touch-e V2 Thermostat (16A)

Single/multiple wireless air sensors can be paired to the thermostat. When multiple sensors are used, the average temperature is calculated and is perfect for larger open plan areas.
  • £50.00 +VAT
  • RRP £71.50

DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (16A)

Uses pulse width modulation to give two energy-reducing economic periods. Incorporates energy-efficient open window detection that automatically switches off the floor heating.
  • £71.39 +VAT
  • RRP £122.77

3IE Energy Monitoring Programmable Thermostat (16A)

Self-learning, fully interactive, touch technology, colour screen, energy-monitor thermostat features an easy-to-use interface, eliminating complicated instruction manuals.
  • £94.25 +VAT
  • RRP £144.99