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For Wooden & Carpeted Floors

Argent foil electric underfloor heating mats are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and are intended to give a rapid and even distribution of heat when installed under carpet, laminate and wood flooring. These electric heating mats are available in a range of sizes from 1.0m² - 12m² with an output up to 1800 watts and drawing 7.83 amps of power.

Argent foil underfloor heating mats offer an advantage over other systems as they can be cut and folded to suit a given floor area, allowing use of larger mats and at the same time reducing the amount of wiring required. Another advantage of Purely Electrique's Argent foil electric underfloor heating mats is that they are double earthed, making them suitable in wet areas without the use of vapour barriers that other systems require.

Benefits of the Agent Foil Heating Mat:-

Primary heating in most rooms with an output of 150W/m²
Aluminium foil gives quick and even heat distribution
Only 2mm thick with a short heat up time
Minimal wiring and earth shielded
Cold cable 3m long
Very competitively priced

Note: Thermostat and insulation will also be required

Underwood Heating Mats

Ultra thin foil underfloor heating mats are for use beneath laminate and Engineered wood floors.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does Underfloor Heating cost to run?
    • The cost of running electric underfloor heating is usually less than that of using radiators as the heat is distributed evenly across a much larger surface area at a lower operating temperature. Also, electric underfloor heating costs less in the long term as it requires less maintenance than a radiator system. The use of insulation underneath the heating mat and choosing a material like tiles which transfers heat efficiently will reduce running costs for underfloor heating too.

      For a room of 12m² floor area.
      We would look to heat approximately 85% or 10m².

      With our 150W mats, when the heater is ON, the hourly consumption is 1500 Watts per hour.

      Assuming the room is properly insulated and controlled by an energy efficient thermostat, the system will operate at a duty cycle of 20% to 25% (the system will only be heating for 20% - 25% of the time it is switched on). In this scenario the average electricity consumption for heating the room will be 300 - 375 Watts per hour.

      The actual hourly cost depends on your local electricity rates.
  • Is insulation needed?
    • The correct insulation should be used in all electric underfloor heating installations. Insulation will reduce warm-up time of the floor from over an hour to only a few minutes; it will prolong the life of the cable in the heating system. Having an efficient heating system will provide you with a greater level of comfort and result in the reduction of your electricity costs.
  • Can I use Underfloor Heating in wet areas?
    • Our heating systems are earthed therefore safe to use in wet areas.
  • Are your systems easy to install?
    • The Mesh Mats and the Argent foil heating mats are very easily installed (for more information please contact us for our installation guide), however you will need a qualified electrician to complete the connection between the heating mats and the electrical circuit.
  • Can I cut the mats to fit my room?
    • You can cut the Mesh or the Foil but have to be very careful not to cut the heating cable.
  • How thick is the heating cable?
    • The cable in the Mesh Mat is 4mm, however cable in the Argent Foil heating mat is only 2mm
  • How long are the cold leads on the mats?
    • For both the Mesh Mat and the Argent Foil Mat the cold leads are 4m long.
  • Can Underfloor heating be used as a primary heat source?
    • In new builds or well insulated properties our heating systems usually provide primary heating. In properties which do not have double glazing, have vaulted ceilings, insufficient insulation or heating mat floor coverage is below the recommended 85% then you may need some back up heating.
  • What happens if I damage the heating cable?
    • If the cable gets damaged during installation, please contact us for further advice. To avoid the cable getting damaged, you should try to wear suitable shoes or put a covering down where you will be standing.
  • How long is the warranty on the systems?
    • Both the Mesh and Argent systems have a 16 years manufacturer’s warranty.