Electric Underfloor Heating Explained:

Electric underfloor heating works by laying a series of electric wires beneath the final floor finish. These series of wires come in three different variations depending on the final floor finish and/or the shape of the room/s you want the underfloor heating in. At Purely Electrique these different types are known as; Mesh Mat, Argent Foil Mat and Loose Cable.

Mesh Mat Electric Underfloor Heating Installation

The Mesh Mat is a heating mat that has the electric wires incorporated into it and can be used under tiles, vinyl, Karndean and Amtico - Thus making the Mesh Mat a very popular choice for use in bathrooms, kitchens and wetrooms. The Argent Foil Mat is another mat based system with the electric wires incorporated into the mat, but is for use under wood flooring and carpet making it a very popular choice in living rooms, bedrooms and garden rooms. Loose Cable is a system, whereas the name suggests, the electric wires are loose and are for use under tiles, vinyl, Karndean and Amtico. Furthermore, the Loose Cable provides more flexibility in the way it is laid down and is very effective in very small bathrooms or awkwardly shaped rooms.

Electric underfloor heating foil installation

Electric Underfloor Heating is a form of radiant heating and thus is far more efficient than traditional radiators and heaters. Radiant heating works much like the sun, heating objects and surfaces around the room instead of heating the air like radiators and heaters do. Traditional heating types were made to heat the air around us and are known as convection heating. Convectional heat is very inefficient as the air heats, rises, cools down and then falls again - This cycle is repeated over and over. Radiant heating heats objects and surfaces around and these stay warm for longer, making the heat source more effective and long lasting - Just how the sun heats buildings, floor surfaces and water.

How different electric underfloor heating works

There are several other benefits of electric underfloor heating. Firstly, it saves money by having efficient and even heat distribution. Secondly, it can be used as a primary source of heating, meaning you can free up wall space by getting rid of bulky unattractive radiators. Electric underfloor heating also has a quick warm up time, again being very effective and efficient with heat being distributed in 10-15 minutes which reduces running costs. There is also; zone by zone controllability using state of the art thermostats, virtually no maintenance costs once it is laid, ultra-thin matting to avoid high floor build ups and is definitely one of easiest and simplest heating systems to install.